Hornbill Modernise Effluent Treatment Plant Control System
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Hornbill was requested to modernise a 40 year old Effluent Treatment Plant Control System. We
designed, installed, programmed and commissioned a distributed redundant PLC system employing
redundant fibre optic media. The system was designed to allow future expansion without interrupting the
process operation. The installation and commissioning was phased as to allow new and existing equipment
to be integrated into the new system without any disruption to the manufacturing process.

Project Details

  • Design and Manufacture of Effluent Plant Control System
  • Design of control architecture
  • PLC Hardware
  • PLC and SCADA Software
  • Instrument Pipework
  • Commissioning
  • Full Documentation and Support

As part of the control system design, we included the interface to an existing MCC for all pump and valve
control. The PLC main panel and remote I/O panels were designed, manufactured and FAT tested at
Hornbill’s dedicated panel workshop prior to site installation & commissioning.

A significant portion of the project was the design and implementation of the process control hardware
architecture and the writing of the PLC and SCADA software. The control architecture comprised of two
servers running independent SCADA licenses both independently communicating with the redundant PLC
pair. Each server is capable of running the plant independently. This project gives our client substantially
increased levels of control and automation as opposed to the original system. The SCADA system is based
on a plant MIMIC and provides access to Current Plant Status, Alarms, Alarm History, Trending and Data
Logging. The software has been designed to allow expansion if more hardware is integrated into the
controls system. As the treatment plant outfall is to a river, all relevant treated water data is stored in a
retrievable format to enable the client report to authorities.

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