Transformer install for CG Global
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The client had an identical transformer at another UK site that had not been commissioned which they wanted to use to replace the faulty transformer. Therefore, the HV team disassembled the faulty transformer to be shipped back to the manufacturers for analysis and replace it with the identical spare transformer from the secondary site.

This entailed stripping down the spare transformer at the secondary site and transporting it back to the primary site in sections for reassembly.

Hornbill carried out all aspects associated with the deconstruction, moving and reconstruction of the transformers including:

  • Supply of appropriate cranes and lifting plans
  • Removal and refill of over 32,000 litres of oil
  • Made appropriate refurbishment repairs to replacement transformer
  • Build replacement transformer
  • Pressurise transformer
  • Fully commission replacement transformer

The newly installed reconditioned transformer was re-energised into the circuit with minimum disruption to the local distribution network.

Using the identical replacement transformer allowed the client to utilise expensive equipment they had previously purchased. The newly installed transformer allowed the site become fully operations without further faults or breakdowns.

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